The A3SMO® Platform, solid-phase HT synthesizer system is online!

The A3SMO® Platform, solid-phase HT synthesizer system is online!

The development of artificial amino acid-based pharmaceutics is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry and in basic research.

Ladon’s A3SMO® - Artificial Amino Acid-based Small Molecules Platform is a breakthrough solution to custom design self-organizing compounds, increase compound drug-likeness and create first-in-class medicines to treat patients with major unmet clinical needs.

Ladon has successfully built and commissioned its new, alternative, highly efficient, automated and robust solid-phase synthesizer that is able to synthetize artificial amino-acid based small molecules in parallel.

The rapid synthesis of up to 12 different compounds can be completed in less than a day which gives an incomparable advantage in drug discovery campaigns.

It is also an inexpensive scalable system that complies with the principles of green chemistry.

The heart of this new platform is a highly efficient Tecan robotic workstation add-on synthesizer that can handle all manual synthesis methods (solvent use: 34.5 mL/cycle, while handling 0.49 mmol scale/reactor, even with ≤3 equivalents of activated amino acid derivatives). It uses no heating or high pressure (operating conditions: atmospheric pressure, room temperature 20–40  ̊C, including high [>70%] relative humidity).

The new platform was developed in collaboration with SolidScience Ltd.




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